What started as a simple question (“Can I make a DVD of video clips to use in my class?”) ended in a conversation between faculty members, academic technologist and media experts. Find out how copyright law impacts your teaching and the status of the ever popular “clip DVD”.

image Will I Be Buying an iPad?

Teaching Project member Gene Roche considers buying an iPad, how it might impact his academic life and his love/hate relationship with Steve Jobs.

image Inside the First Teaching Project Meeting: Today’s Class and Life After College

Faculty discussed where they hoped their student will be in ten years and how today’s class might impact them.

Introduction to the Teaching Project Podcast (Part 1)

The inaugural episode features Dr. Joel Schwartz, Director of the Charles Center discussing the Charles Center’s work in the area of faculty excellence and the goals of the partnership between the center and Academic Information Services.

What do faculty need to know about the Honor Code?

Members of the University Teaching Project and new faculty members meet with two representatives of W&M’s Honor Council.

Who We Are

The Charles Center and Information Technology produce this online magazine to foster conversation and reflection about teaching and learning at William and Mary.