Call for Participants: Collaborative Writing May Seminar

Collaborative writing is one of the most important skills we can help our students achieve. In this project, we’ll be bringing together a group of faculty to develop materials to help colleagues incorporate collaborative writing in courses throughout the curriculum. The focus of the work will be on practical matters:

  • how do we define collaborative writing;
  • how to create and evaluate collaborative writing assignments;
  • how to provide the appropriate feedback and scaffolding to allow students learn to apply new skills:
  • what tools–blogs, wikis, google docs–are most effective in fostering collaborative writing?

One of the goals of this seminar will be to produce materials suitable for posting on to help other faculty members incorporate collaborative writing into their own courses.

General Information

This project will be similar in structure to other May Seminar programs–except we’ve already chosen the topic. This collaboration project is open to instructional faculty from any unit within the college. Funds are available support up to 8 faculty to meet for one or two weeks in May . The exact content of the project will depend on the skills and interests of the participants.

Each participant receives a $500 stipend per week.

Proposals for participation in the collaborative writing seminar are due on Monday, April 19. (Note: Deadline Extended to April 30th at 5:00 PM)

If you have questions contact Joel Schwartz ( or Gene Roche (

How to Apply:

Application for this program is somewhat more simpler than other May seminar programs since the basic guidelines and budget are already established. Send an application email to Gene Roche ( indicating the following information.

  1. In what upcoming courses will you be incorporating collaborative writing assignments?
  2. What previous experience (if any) have you had in working with students to develop collaborative writing skills?
  3. Are there particular questions or areas of interest that you’d like to explore within the broad topic of collaborative writing?

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